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  • Dr Cantu is Awesome! I was primarily afraid of what to expect, but once meeting him, he chased all fears away. He let me know from the start, that if he could he would indeed help me. The great thing is he has helped me. I feel so much more relief than I did with the needles. I don't know for sure whats down the road for me with my back as I have suffered for 20 years, but I am glad I chose Dr Cantu for care.

    - Ellen F., Charlottesville, July 2020
  • Dr. Cantu and his staff is excellent. I had a problem with my lower back and after a few visits, I was finally back to normal. Dr. Cantu understood the whole problem and easily pin pointed how to fix it and get everything back to normal. I was in and out very quickly for every visit. He did everything needed and then some. He's great and so is his staff. I will certainly go back when needed and always recommend his name.

    - Chris E., Troy, VA, September 2017
  • After having shoulder pain that continued to worsen for over a year I made an appointment with Dr Cantu. After several visits I am happy to say that I am 90% better. Most days are pain free and I thought I would never be able to say that. I was in constant pain and was very concerned that this was going to be my new normal. I am beyond happy that my medical doctor recommended Dr Cantu. Walking through his door was the best decision I made. Thank you Dr Cantu and staff.

    - Shawna W., Keswick, January 2019
  • Dr. Cantu was recommended to me by a close family friend. I was having a difficult time with lower back and hip pain. When I called to make an appointment, Sue was welcoming and helpful. She was able to get me in right away. Dr. Cantu did a thorough evaluation before any manipulation was done. His previous background in radiology, in my experience, gives him an edge over other chiropractors. He understands in greater detail the skeletal structure and how it effects nerves and muscle. He has help

    - Linda W., Charlottesville, VA, June 2016
  • Awesome experience, would highly recommend Dr. Cantu & his office!!! They have the healing gift, & I feel lucky to have found them!

    - Lisa S.
  • Dr. Cantu is amazing at what he does. He is always easy to talk to and knows immediately what the problem is. Not only did he solve my back issues but also gave me great advice on how to improve my back by using stretching exercises. I recommend him first as a great practitioner and also as a great chiropractor. If you have back pain you owe it to yourself to go by. When you're in pain you can't wait weeks to get help and I've been able to set appointments within a day or two with no problem, wh

    - Steven S., Charlottesville, VA
  • Extremely competent! I left feeling so much better and it continued with the prescribed exercises! He exceeds my expectations!

    - Donna L., Gordonsville, June 2018
  • Dr. Cantu and his welcoming staff are very respectful of Dr. Walker’s legacy. Dr. Cantu is extremely thoughtful with his treatment plans and their implementation. Very happy with this practice and would not hesitate to recommend it!

    - Bonnie H.
  • Not only did I get a same day appointment but I felt better immediately!

    - Leslie R., Charlottesville, VA, January 2018
  • Love Dr. Joe and his staff! Highly recommend Dr. Joe!!!!

    - Dawn M., Earlysville, VA, January 2018
  • Dr. Cantu makes the visit comfortable and I have always left the office without my neck or back pain.

    - Frank H. , Charlottesville, February 2018
  • Dr. Cantu and staff have been so helpful and have put me back on the road to a better life. Thanks is okay but words do not say how much better I am.

    - Carloyn A., Howardsville, VA, January 2018
  • I seriously injured my back about 5 months ago. For the first week, I could hardly move or get a good night's sleep. For the following 2.5-3 months, I only gained a little mobility back and was in constant, exhausting pain. My back injury kept me out of the gym and interfered with all levels of my life to the point of total disruption. Physical therapy was helping with mobility, but the pain wasn't subsiding. A friend referred me to Dr. Cantu and I am so glad I decided to give him a try. He pati

    - Emma K., Waynesboro, June 2017
  • Always quick appt, very friendly.

    - Lori L., Ruckersville, VA, December 2016
  • Have never visited their office that I have not left feeling better.

    - Robert L., Keswick, VA, July 2016
  • Had a super positive experience. Great to have a qualified chiropractor in the network who gives superb adjustments with great technique and real care for the customer. First time I have had a follow up call from the Doctor just to check on me. Nice touch.

    - Derrick M., Palmyra, VA, April 2016
  • Been coming to Drs Walker/Cantu since 1973. I've tried other Chiropractors when they were closed but none compare to these guys.

    - Donald W., Scottsville, VA
  • The Chiropractic Office promptly, effectively, and professionally addressed my chiropractic needs. The doctors and staff are courteous and friendly. If I need chiropractic treatment in the future, I will definitely go there again.

    - Terry L., Barboursville, VA
  • Over the past 10 yrs I have also met and appreciated the skills and knowledge of Dr. Cantu who has looked after me and my family as has Dr. Walker. I have referred many of my patients to the practice because I knew that they would be treated extremely well and never be taken advantage of. I still feel the same about them.

    - Ashok D. Ajgaonkar M.D. (Retired), Charlottesville
  • First class operation and I hope that they continue that at least until I kick the bucket. I would not know where to turn without them. I have been going to this office for thirty years and have been treated for every pain imaginable from head to toe. I once went to Dr. Walker for a severely sprained ankle that I simply could not walk on and he had me on skis in Colorado three days later. My family relies on these fellows to bail us out every time we get hurt.

    - William B., Charlottesville, VA
  • I called on a Friday afternoon in severe discomfort and was asked how soon I could get there. Made it in from Nelson County and went home 'fixed'.

    - David H., Roseland, VA
  • The doctors and staff are warm and compassionate. Excellent results after only one visit. I will continue to visit them for all of my chiropractic needs and recommend this business highly!

    - Dr. Sara S., Charlottesville, VA
  • I found my treatments to be helpful and much more comfortable than I expected. I always thought and heard that popping feels good. I was always scared of that, but I found that it is a much more gentle release than a snap crackle and pop! Have gotten relief and am improving weekly with the direction of Dr. Cantu's advice. Thank you.

    - Sally
  • Dr. Cantu and Dr. Walker's office is clean, comfortable and the team is very friendly. I was treated by Dr. Cantu who is very professional and knowledgeable about his profession. He is also very patient with each one of his clients.

    - Mary M., Keswick, VA
  • With the knowledge that there is no quick fix for a painful back injury, I was very pleased with the results I felt very quickly. I appreciated the doctor's candor, honesty and attentiveness. I would gladly recommend this practice to anyone I know in need of chiropractic services!

    - Allisa S., Charlottesville
  • This practice is what I call old school. They listen, question, and treat. No vitamin promotions, no 26 visit schedules, no scare tactics. I have been to other DC's that do all the negatives outlined above. Dr's Walker and Cantu treat to the degree necessary, not what my insurance will allow. I appreciate that level of professionalism. I have recommended this practice to dozens of my own clients and I have never heard a negative word regarding the care and relief they received. These guys are tr

    - Dave F., Bumpass, VA
  • Overall, I had a great experience with The Chiropractic Office. I had never seen a chiropractor before, and the nurses and doctor walked me through the experience with patience and understanding. They helped me feel comfortable and confident with the process. One of the doctors even gave me his cell phone number in case the pain became unbearable over the weekend! My lower back feels much better, and when I do have pain, I know exactly what to do to help ease it with icing, heat, and stretches.

    - Johanna L., Charlottesville, VA
  • On my first visit I did not know what to expect. There was no waiting time to deal with, and I actually schedule some of my appointments on my lunch hour. Everyone treated me with kindness and respect,and I was shown concern by everyone about my needs from the pain I have dealt with for some time, trying to decide what doctor to see.I would highly recommend this Chiropractic Office to my family and friends.

    - Joan A., Charlottesville, VA

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